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das Pentagramm der esoterischen spirituellen Schutz für Aktien und auf Ihren Computer herunterladen



Theoretical interpretation of the design of the star Pentagram and their Signs and Symbols.

The Suord it flames, the Caduceus of Mercury and Hermetic, the it beaches Staff or the Stick of the Patriarches, Salomón's Stamp and the Astro Sol and Gold, among other…

It is grateful that the star of five tips and their signs and symbols called Pentagram or Pentalfa, it represents to the “Man Microcosms or Microcosmos Hombre” or, to the “Microcosms Star” as well as he/she is denominated; what means that such an expression interprets to the unison and intrinsically, its analogy and universality with the “Macrocosms”.

From that perspective, it is deduced that the multiplicity of designs, forms and positions of stars that can be seen openly, obey the freedom of experiencing the perception, likeness and syntony of each person's -microcosms man nature - with regard to an image that is an universal star of 5 tips. What means then that the statement of this microcosms man's recognition, it can arrive to be expressed by the same man according to what perceives and experience their own nature. That is to say that a person, as in a same way such an image represents the Man, it can end up experiencing in its due magnitude to the star, and in a world where not all the people will only practice in particular the observation and visual view of an image, but rather, it is possible that some try, of agreement their naturalazas, to experience more in something.

Maybe then, coming from inspired symbolic archetypes of guides and teachers, and with some additional shades of their present time, diverse designs can be exhibited, as the example of the figure that represents to the Occult Star Pentagram:

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